I SEE Artglasses

I SEE Artglasses is an eyewear shop based in the heart of Porta Genova, Milan, in Via Vigevano 41. We talked to the owner, and designer, Susanna Donna about the history of the shop and her passion for eyewear.

Tell us about the history of I SEE.

The shop was opened in the 90s by my brother, who unfortunately was the victim of an accident six years ago. He always wanted to present the most refined glasses, meant for a unique clientele with strong personality, dedicated mostly to style rather than fashion. Many show business, culture and sports personalities have been personal clients of my brother.

How did you get involved in the business, has eyewear always been your passion?

I had the great privilege of working, for almost 12 years, with Alain Mikli (prestigious eyewear designer), which I have always referred to as a Guru since he is, for me, the true pioneer of style. He created clothes for the eyes, experimenting with shapes and colours. This experience has made my passion for eyewear grow, teaching me the importance of the materials and comfort that a frame has to give, together with style, in order to be absolutely perfect. I’ve personally taken on the business two years and a half ago, where now I am also selling a small eyewear line designed by myself. During the creation I thought about shapes, materials and colours that could enhance the unique personality in each one of us. Ligabue has worn my glasses for his music video ‘Siamo Chi Siamo’.

The highlight of your shop?

Amongst the eyewear brands that I sell, surely a highlight is Vincent Kaes. Born in Marsiglia, his frames represent the true Old School style, which is also the name of his collection, made from a selection of refined materials, like the Mazzucchelli acetate.

If you are in Milan, make sure not to miss this beautiful and unique shop.