Pramma Drama

Direction by Aidan Zamiri

Styling by Alessandra Conti



Pramma Drama is a black comedy-drama about love, betrayal and possession. At times, the emotional intrigue plays more like a Hitchcock thriller than a romantic melodrama, but the grotesque soul of the video is almost paragonable to Almodovar’s and Fellini’s work.
We wanted to play with our beloved Pamma bags to recreate a timeless atmosphere to underline the impeccable made in Italy quality of each Pramma product.
Directed and edited by Aidan Zamiri under the creative direction and styling of Alessandra Conti, Pramma Drama comes to life thanks to three amazing actors: Qerorqa (Georgia) a beauty queen, James (James Parkes) the lover and Paolina (Paolina Alessandra Russo) the enfant terrible.
Also the setting is a spectacular one: art collector Valeria Napoleone’s maison in London.