interview by Carlotta Buosi

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Niccolo’ Beretta was born in Milan no longer 21 years ago. His young age is certainly one of the most impressive characteristics of this incredible talent, but definitely not the most remarkable one. In fact his luxury shoe line named Giannico - the union of his name with his brother’s one - in the last few years has quickly sky rocketed in popularity, becoming a must have for a variety of celebrities and relevant personalities within the fashion industry. And the list keeps adding, as Niccolo’s innovative shoes keep getting desired. Despite his passion for drawing - and shoes - dating back to his childhood, Niccolo’ actually started Giannico when he was only 15 years old, while living in Sydney and attending Art school. His refreshing point of view and his ability to add a unique touch to his design didn’t take long to get noticed, and Niccolo’ decided to move back to his beloved Milan in order to turn his dream into a reality. In Milan, we had the chance to see his beautiful SS18 collection, presented in the elegant and slightly retro frame of his new studio: a very Milanese apartment where every corner and every detail speaks of glamour and art and whose refined taste is the ultimate portrayal of Giannico’s true identity. 


How did your passion start?

Since I was very little, I’ve always preferred drawing princess gowns instead of playing like the other kids were playing. It was almost an obsession. Growing up, the gowns turned into shoes and at the age of 15 I already had a little portfolio to showcase my ideas.


Why shoes?

Because shoes, just like bags, are what resemble art and sculpture the most. I’ve always wanted to design beautiful objects.


Which was for you the turning point in your career, so far?

I must say I’ve been very lucky, because in just few years I’ve managed to receive a lot of attention and I’ve experienced quite a few turning points already. Among them: winning who is on next in 2015, the prize awarded me by Footwear News last November as best emerging talent and the space at the entrance of Barneys, which happened very recently.


The biggest obstacle you’ve had to face so far?

Obstacles are part of my daily life but probably the biggest one I’ve ever encountered so far was building a credibility for myself within the industry, despite my young age. When I started I was a 15 years old student, no one took me seriously. It took me a lot of determination and perseverance to achieve that.


If you had to name one person who’s had a fundamental role in your development as a designer, who would it be?

Without any doubt, I’d have to say my mother. She’s always understood my attitude, my creativity and inspiration. She was the first one who believed in me and who helped me to develop my brand, in which she is now still involved. I’m very grateful to her.


Describe the ideal Giannico woman: who is she? Where is she going?

My ideal woman is sophisticated but fashionable at the same time. She loves art in all its forms. She’s cosmopolitan and modern. Giovanna Battaglia is the incarnation of this ideal woman of mine.


Your pieces have quickly become a must have in the wardrobes of celebrities and personalities of the fashion industry. What makes them special?

The design. Approaching a marked whose offer is huge, I always thrive to create pieces with that extra hint of desirability that others do not have.


How would you describe your aesthetic?



What do you look at when in search of inspiration?

Everything around me. Could be a city, a piece of art, a book or someone I’ve seen on the street.


Tell us about your SS18 collection you just presented in Milan.

This collection is very dear to me, because I perceive it as a moment of detachment from everything else I’ve done before. The Giannico woman has grown and matured, just like myself!


How do you see Giannico in 5, 10 and 50 years?

In 5 years I hope to have opened my first store. I hope to have many of them in 10 years. Finally, in 50 years I hope to have left a mark in the history of fashion.