Belle de jour

by Matheus Lomonte

words by Carlotta buosi

Sometimes, things around us just don't make sense.

Most of the time, we expect them to.

All of the time, even if they don’t [make sense], we find a way to convince ourselves that they still do.


This said, we keep dreaming of a reality in which we wouldn't need to have an answer

for everything that we see and experience.

A reality where images are sharp, yet confusing, gender is not that big of a deal and the music

stops all of a sudden with zero notice.


The reality portrayed by Matheus Lomonte is a mixture of dream and desire.

A weird combination of what we would like to see - at least once in our lives - and what we dread.

What we believe would upset us is sometimes extremely refreshing if presented right in front of our

eyes, unapologetically unfiltered.


Because what we believe would upset us often coincides with what seems to scare us.

But in the end, once uncovered, it’s all revealed as a phantasy.

It all becomes an illusion.

Something we don't really understand, but we definitely don't need to explain.