Paria Farzaneh



Born in Devon from Iranian parents, Paria Farzaneh’s childhood was market by the yearly visits to her family, falling in love with the Iranian culture, which still majorly influences both her personal style and her work as fashion designer. Strikingly individualistic, it’s important for Paria to exit the toxic eco-chamber of social media and become acknowledged about what goes on in the world, all influences banned. Through fashion, Paria aims to give a sense of belonging to people, helping them to implement themselves in their own way, starting from what they choose to wear. That’s what makes her work special. 


 2. How does the representation of Middle Eastern culture in the UK affect your inspiration?

 Nothing will ever be an accurate representation of true Middle Eastern culture in the UK. I think it would befair to share the many aspects of this culture in the right way.The media’s influence often does not help portraying reality for what it truly is. 


 3. What is that you’d like to communicate through creating your style?

 I think what I’m trying to do is beyond fashion, beyond all of the stigmas and parodies that come within it.Fashion is a huge platform for a lot of young people. I think community is also important, and within that a style starts to grow.Fashion it’s not about cloning everyone to look the same, it’s more about offering a sense of belonging, or whatever it may be for people to implement themselves in their own way.This is what makes it special. 


4. Who are your boys? What do they believe in? 

I think capping the demographic at just boys would be incorrect. When I make my collections, the first toile is always tried on myself, purely because there is no boundary of whether it is only for boys, men, etc. I believe in wearing things that you have a connection to, that you really like. I make things I like, not what I think would fit in a trend.


5. You became the talk of town last season, after Frank Ocean wore one of tour T-shirts headlining in London. How did it feel to have someone spreading your message so loud?

 The message has always been clear, outer space is the limit. 


6. Describe your style in three words to our readers.

 My own style is very androgynous, bold and definitely daring. 


7. Today’s fashion has seen a dramatic gender shift, with people choosing clothes not based on the gender they should belong to but solely on their taste and style. What do you think about unisex clothing and is there an element of that in your pieces?

 For sure. I completely understand why women’s fashion weeks and men’s fashion weeks are separateed. There are different markets for both that have not yet developed into one single demographic and I don’t think it ever well, but at the same time this just causes a stigma and creates divide, when at the end of the day, it’s just clothes. We should just wear what we want.


 8. What should we expect from Paria Farzaneh in the future?

 You’ll find out in January. 


Special thanks to Charlotte Berghman and the British Fashion Council.