Sansovino 6

Photos and Words by Neil MacLean

On a recent afternoon at the Riccardo Grassi Showroom in Milan, we sat down with Edward Buchanan, creative director of Sansovino 6, who shared his latest collection in a conversation ranging from his approach to the F/W 15-16 collection to his love for printed matter (and specifically a shared love for Acne Magazine), the brilliance of Vivian Sassen, and his refocused offerings this season.

“Throughout my design process this season I felt as though I wanted to expose myself. It was as if I were nude and you could see everything. The process became therapeutic somehow. I shed so many elements that were there for reasons other than honesty. I was left with the elements that I started SANSOVINO 6 with. For me it will always be about luxurious creative knitwear from the inside out. I’m not trying to punk people….this is just what I do.” 

In moving away from the influence of buyers preferences and shaping it by own intuitions and preferences, both in terms of offerings (deciding not to offer a men’s collection this season) and color (going with a much narrower, monochromatic palette as opposed the bright color of last fall’s collection), sales have risen 40% over the same period a year ago. Details and influences from the men’s collection still appear in various pieces throughout; most notably in the sweater turned dress with attached skirt (one of the most popular pieces according to Buchanan). Though the collection is not yet widely available outside of Italy (an unwillingness on the part of US store to take chances on non-US brands, Buchanan says), Sansovino is opening an online shop in the near future. Be on the lookout.

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