Christopher Shannon Pre-Fall 2015

Words by Alessandra Conti

Christopher Shannon Pre-Fall 15 collection is, for the second time, womenswear. Inspired by the artist Henry Bond and in collaboration with the legendary Judy Blame, who realised the plastic bags hoods, this collection is a continuation with the men’s AW15. We were curious to know a bit more, so we asked him few things:

What aspect of the YBA artist Henry Bond has inspired this collection?

Henry’s book ‘The Cult Of The Street’ is one of my favourites, I probably have at least one image from it on the wall every season.

How does it feel to work with such a legend like Judy Blame?

I think there are very few really amazing stylists around, Judy is really quite old school. The way he works is really hands on and considered, he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, in fact I think he prefers it. I think fashion lacks a certain tactility at the minute, Judy can turn anything into a piece of jewellery, I never tire of seeing how he works. Judy was so fundamental to me wanting to do fashion, I think he takes all the pretension out of it and just wanted to make really strong imagery, that’s really stayed with me. Working with him feels like coming full circle.

How do you think a contemporary woman should be dressed?

I don’t like to dictate. I like to offer an alternative, that relates to the women I know and work with. I’ve never liked dolly dressing up type fashion nor ugly for ugly sake which I find so pretentious. I just work piece by piece, we have to offer something not available on the high street that feels accessible with a point of view.

What do you think has changed in you and in your work since you have started your career in fashion?

I think it changes all the time, it’s a constant really awful learning curve. It would be nice for a season to be really smooth.

What advise would you give to someone who want to start a career as a Fashion Designer?

I’d almost say don’t do it. I think if your motivation is just to 'be in fashion’ then you are probably in the wrong business. There’s already so many hangers on, what fashion needs is more people with a point of view and their own ideas, and less plagiarising sociopaths.