With a 1 in place of the i. Many of them. 1 as i. As I am 1.
1 as singular, with concessions.

A be1ng caught in the act of creating her own reality.

I am 1, a be1ng, who brings things into being. I am multiple, thereafter. Proudly so.

1 as plural, with concessions.

A be1ing caught exploring multiplicity.

I am everybody. Identity for me is self-creation. That includes the environment I inhabit.
I divert, and enjoy that a lot.

A be1ng caught in the performance of appearing.

I am exalted by diversities, and strive to take things to extremes.
I seal myself in second skins or shield myself in balloons.
Collars are my idea of elevation. Drawstrings allow me reconfiguration. In toes is my geometry. I bloom therefore I am.

A be1ng caught hanging there.

I find things that speak to me, in space and time. Out of scale, soft to the touch. Furry. Shaggy. Papery. I wear moments. I speak hours. Back and forth.
I feel patterns, in the rain.

A be1ng caught in the logic of the illogical.

My thoughts are algorithms. Errors give them rhythm. Randomness is my idea of bliss. Experiences are what I dress up with. I digress in synthetic pleasures.

Be1ngs, enjoying bringing things into being. Creating and re-creating. Making, doing, mending, collaging, clashing, merging, morphing, to infinity and back. Be1ngs, being themselves.
Many of them.
And more.