Manuel Facchini SS17

Manuel Facchini Interview by: Amnah Hafez

Photos by: Yousef Al Ibrahim

Amnah Hafez: Your work is extremely architectural and I notice with it that you give the woman wearing your clothes, a power, a strength, like a grand solid building, tall and grounded. Tell me more about the Manuel Facchini woman. Who do you picture in your clothes when you’re designing them?

Manuel Facchini: Well, you know, first of all, I love contrast. So I always take inspiration from two apparently irreconcilable worlds. To create a new world. Like a new creation that comes from the outerspace or underwater space, an underwater world. Like this time with this collection. So for example this time, I love architecture, graphic design, 3D, experiences, so I always try with my graphics to interpret something really gothic and rock but in a feminine 3D architectural way. I know it sounds complicated but its not so. It’s very high tech. Everything has to be very perfectly done on the figure, on the outfit to make sure that it works perfectly. I want to always create something that is special. Something that is unique, in the placing, in the fabric, in the finishing. In the little details that you see on each garment.

AH: I’m curious, do you use 3D printing?

MF: I actually don’t, but if you see on the clothes, there are some prints, because of where I got my inspiration, there are layers of organza that shift on top of each other in a way that it looks like very 3D, so it looks like an underwater mermaid or a nymph, very light, with fins that become like feathers. I love contrast. Something that changes. Metamorphosis.

AH: She moves swiftly, but she’s also extremely strong, extremely powerful. That contrast is evident, and I have seen it in every single one of your collections.

MF: Exactly, I love the strength of the single pieces. Very sophisticated, elegant but with a strength yes.

AH: Absolutely. Which takes me to my next question, and the colour black, which I see coexists seamlessly within your creative ventures. Wether it’s for Byblos or wether it’s for your own brand. Does the colour black come from your love of gothic architecture? From your gothic side?

MF: Yes, definitely. I love black and white and I love to have some splashes of colour, just to make a vibration, like swish (*makes sound*).

AH: Great. So let me ask you some last few questions. If Manuel Facchini was a perfume, what would it smell like?

MF: Ah, that’s a good question! Well definitely it would have contrast. You know something very fresh smelling but with a hint of an unexpected scent. And when you mix them up, you create something new. Absolutely strange.

AH: I think maybe it needs to happen.

MF: Hopefully shortly.

AH: And if Manuel Facchini were a building, which building would it be?

MF: It would be, hmm. It would be Zaha Hadid. I also love Calatrava. You know, I love this kind of very 3D, and in a way gothic because they look skeletal most of the time. They can look like wings sometimes. That’s what I love. So strong, even if they’re so light. I love their geometry and the perfection of them. I love them. The fluidity and the strength. The contrast.    

AH: Absolutely. And last but not least, if you were to pick any artist’s brain, who would it be?

MF: I’ve never thought about that honestly. But because my inspirations are always within the category of strange, I would love to pick Damien Hirst’s brain, his craziness, and try and explore it in fashion even more than I already do.