issue 11: Migrating


Takahiromiyashita the soloist. Photography by Ola Rindal. Styling by Moreno Galatà.

Loewe. Photography by François Coquerel. Styling by Alessandra Conti.

Barbara Casasola. Photography by Olgaç Bozalp. Styling Elettra Simos.

Molly Goddard. Photography Federico Radaelli. Styling by Alessandra Conti. Interview by Carlotta Buosi.

Fabrizio Viti. Photography by Xavier Mas. Interview by Carlotta Buosi.

Ghana Le Kilt. Photography by Livio Bez. Styling by Moreno Galatà. Interview by Jonathan Nkrumah.

Koché. Photography by Hubert Crabières. Styling by Francesca Cisani.

Isa Arfen. Photography Federico De Angelis. Styling by Alessandra Conti. Interview by Carlotta Buosi.

Helen Kirkum. Photography by Timo Wirsching. Interview by Carlotta Buosi.

Helen Lawrence. Photography by Marco Cella. Styling by Elettra Simos. Interview by Carlotta Buosi.

1981. Photography by Riccardo Meroni. Styling by Francesca Cisani. Interview Carlotta Buosi.

Jean Paul Gaultier. Photography by François Pragnère. Styling by Nicolas Lecourt Mansion.

Walls. Photography by Nicola Galli. Curated by Elettra Simos. 

Passing through. Words by Giangi Giordano.

Zora. Photography by Andres Burgos. Styling by David Gómez-Villa Mediana.

Kiri-una Brito Meumann. Photography by Agnieszka Chabros. Styling by Sinead Hargreaves.

Ramdane Touhami. Photography by Dani Bastidas.

Oko Ebombo. Photography by Federico De Angelis. Styling by Moreno Galatà.

Southern Discomfort. Words by Philippa Snow.

Perhaps home is not a place. Photography by Ola Rindal. Styling by Marion Jolivet.

Tystnaden. Photography by Josh Hight. Styling by Moreno Galatà.

Migrating. Words by Angelo Flaccavento.

Bahaaron phool barsao. Photography by Hamish Wirgman. Styling by Kim Jakobsen To.

Abstention de la pensée. Words by John Jefferson Selve.

Bristol tuesday. Photography by Martin Parr. Styling by Moreno Galatà.

The Pharmacist’s Knot. Photography by Jan Lehner Styling by Raquel Garcia.

Producer. Photography by Devin Blair. Styling by Alessandra Conti.

Free time. Photography by Danny Treacy . Styling by Raffaella Campeggi.

I ain't Lyin, no, I ain't Lyin. Photography by Thurstan Redding  Styling by Moreno Galatà. 

Bungalow Zen. Photography by Camille Vivier Styling by Marion Jolivet.

The Real Larry David. Photography by Edith Bergfors Styling by Ida Bergfors.

Mettere al mondo il mondo. Photography by Liam Warwick. Styling by Moreno Galatà.

IRU What could we do to reach one’s presence. Photography by Katsuhide Morimoto. Styling by Tetsuya Nagato.